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Carol Darley Dow

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With A lifelong love of anything creative, Carol has spent most of her life drawing, painting, writing and designing anything that could be designed. For many years she owned and operated an advertising agency, writing and producing hundreds of television, radio, and print ads, as well as creating advertising campaigns for clients in every field. The ad agency transitioned into video production, producing longer form projects and documentaries. As producer, director and writer, Carol Darley Video ( was honored with six Telly Awards (

In every facet of her work, the most interesting and compelling force was learning about people. Everyone has a unique story to tell. Exploring these stories through relationships has been the basis for many of her creative projects. Her first novel, Window Friends, is a direct reflection of that interest, celebrating the enduring power of friendship.

Carol lives in Washington State with her husband, Greg, and is the proud mama of amazing children and extraordinary grandchildren. She enjoys travel, fly fishing, reading, cooking, creating and her treasured friendships. carol's new book, window friends, is now available!

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Carol DD

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